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Looking for support, tools, and resources about Vaping and Youth? You’ll find it here.

Live Vape Free Program

Most kids and teens have heard about vaping from someone, often their peers. They need to hear from the adults in their lives, too. The Live Vape Free program is focused on supporting parents and other concerned adults with the Vaping epidemic. This online learning program is designed to provide the insights needed for getting started, tips and tools, and resources for ongoing support.

Program Features

The Live Vape Free course is designed for parents and caregivers concerned about what the Surgeon General has called the "youth vaping epidemic."

When you join the program, you will have access to:

  • Online content that prepares parents and caregivers to kick start the conversation with teens about vaping including video, interactive activities and a toolkit that supports initiating and ongoing discussion with teens.
  • Live chat or email with Coaches who can answer your questions about vaping, talking to teens and how to support teens begin their quit journey.